We bring together experts
from a broad range of disciplines

Core Team & Associates:

  • Adj Prof Vernon Collis (Architect-Engineer)
  • Prof Mark Alexander (Materials Civil Engineer – UCT)
  • Peter Henshall-Howard (Building Law & Structural Engineer)
  • Peter Wium (Civil Engineer – PWCE)
  • Frank du Plessis (Geotechnician- ¬†Kantey & Templer)
  • Mark Mallin & Mathew Grey (Structural Engineers – SHAPE Structures)
  • Andrew Ibbotson (Civil Engineer – SMART Civils)
  • Kyle Wickins (MSc Engineer)
  • Katie Irvine (Architect & BSc Civil Engineer)
  • Gaelen Pinnock (Architect)

Extended Team & Associates:

  • Henry Fagan (Structural Engineer – HF & Partners)
  • Andrew Walton (Architect)
  • Tim Curtis (UK Architect)
  • John Hagis (Architect)
  • Lisa Kane (Sustainability Transport Expert)
  • Jonathan Levy (Hydraulics Civil Engineer)
  • John Pierce (Systems Thinker)
  • Carlo Pinheiro (Legal)
  • Prof Tim Rypstra (Wood Scientist)
  • Keith Struthers (Architect)

Selected Clients:

  • AIDC Alternate Information & Development Centre
  • Cambridge Program for Sustainable Leadership
  • City of Cape Town Local Government
  • De Beers
  • Herchel Girls High School
  • Monaco Embassy
  • Mutual and Federal Corporate
  • Nedbank Corporate
  • Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development
  • Old Mutual Corporate
  • S.A.Rugby
  • University of Cape Town
  • WWF
  • Woolworths Corporate
  • Western Cape Regional Government

About Vernon Collis:

Vernon Collis is a Consulting Civil Engineer and Architect and specializes in integrated and sustainable systems design for the built environment. His skill includes the assessment of the holistic impact on any built intervention from the environmental and carbon footprint to systems that include the unemployed and unskilled using appropriate and intermediate technologies.