Senator Park Structural Restoration

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Structural investigation & reinstatement of a neglected inner city building

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa

A crucial aspect of creating a sustainable world is to recycle buildings. Located in the heart of the city Senator Park was a tired and neglected building with declining rental income which had become structurally unsound and played host to anti-social elements in the life of the city. Faced with possible demolition the client approached Collis & Associates for an assessment and for proposals.

We undertook extensive analysis of the structural condition and opportunities for development within the constraints of the City’s zoning laws.

This involved Collis and Associates and their team of associate expert consultants and contractors. Proposals ranging from mere structural repairs and refurbishment, to increasing the size by adding floors on top and parking at grade, the client opted to do initially the structural repairs and façade refurbishment in order to make the building appealing again to provide a desirable asset and address to stabilise the rental income.

Thorough evaluation and research into the construction method and condition of the concrete frame involved Collis & Associates including concrete specialist Prof Mark Alexander, concrete repair expert contractors BKM and involving SIKA as a suppliers of specialist repair materials. From this evolved a repair methodology which has been efficiently executed by Indawo to complete the contract on time and with significant cost savings.

Team: Collis/ Alexander/ Walton/ O’Neil Williams/ Curtis/ Gillmer/ Ibbotson