Mine Entrance & Security

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Specialised buildings for strict security control

  • Location: Koidu Mine, Sierra Leone

Specialised buildings were designed to facilitate the strict security controls on both people and goods and vehicles. Working closely with the security staff three different buildings were designed to accommodate the security procedures and include security booths, search rooms, X-ray rooms for both people and goods. These are the Main Entrance Gate (unbuilt), Main Access and Plant Access buildings.

The strict security requirements meant that there are few windows on these buildings. To keep the mechanical ventilation to a minimum there are eaves ventilation slots and roof ridge ventilation which help to keep the building cool and the internal quality healthy.

A long stoep on both sides of the Main Access building give the building a more human scale and provide shelter for people waiting to enter.

Interlocking gates provide control vehicle access and inspection pits facilitate searches to the underside of vehicles.

Team: Collis/ Walton/ Curtis/ Irvine/ McDonald/ McGivern/ De Bruyn