Koidu Mine Masterplan

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A masterplan for a mine in Sierra Leone

  • Location:  Sierra Leone

On the overall site plan, the primary location of buildings was determined by the functional requirements of the mining operations. To supplement this, Collis & Associates developed design guidelines for the final placement of the buildings on the site. These informed the correct orientation so that solar thermal control was achieved and so that a logical hierarchy of spaces from the public/ street realm to the private/working realm was realised.

A logical hierarchy of spaces from the public/street realm to the private/working realm was realised

Collis & Associates designed the master plan of the management village and clubhouse at Koidu Mine. Working with data provided by the client and a first-hand inspection of the site during a site visit, Collis & Associates analysed the slopes, aspects and orientation in terms of passive thermal design, soil conditions, vegetation and climatic conditions to inform the layout of the houses.

Arranged on the contours for easy vehicle access, the houses are grouped according to type. The lower management units lower down the slope and upper and senior management higher up with more privacy and selected views. Privacy and a sense of seclusion were achieved for each of the dwelling units by careful siting with regard to levels and orientation. Pathways will be built to allow easy pedestrian access through the village and down to the Clubhouse.