Mine Industrial Buildings

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Specialised Industrial Buildings for a large mine

  • Location: Sierra Leone
  • Status: Under construction


The Generator House, Incinerator buildings and Final Recovery building are some the specialised buildings that Collis & Associeates designed for the mine.

The Generator house is designed around the specific needs of the large diesel generators that run continuously to provide electricity to the whole mine. The need for adequate ventilation and space to allow for cooling and easy access for servicing and maintenance were some of the design challenges. The building also has to deal with the vibration of the machines and the exhausts which are hung from the timber roof trusses.

The Incinerator buildings are designed around the various sizes of the incinerators required. Adequate openings and a deep eaves contribute to a comfortable working environment in these buildings.

A rational structural grid emphasised with recessed masonry infill panels give these building a calm, ordered appearance, deep eaves and large ventilation mesh screened openings contribute to control internal temperatures.

The Final Recovery building was fine tuned to accommodate the strict security and processing requirements of the mining operations. Designed to fit into adjacent processing buildings the Recovery building has a floating roof to shade to the high security building with its concrete roof.

Workshops to accommodate the servicing & maintenance of mine operational machinery

  • Location: Sierra Leone

Collis & Associates designed a number of workshops to accommodate the servicing and maintenance of the operational machinery.

The Main workshop includes and office wing for the administration staff. This is a courtyard building formed by narrow width offices to allow for adequate cross ventilation and cooling. The courtyard was designed to be planted which would further have aided the natural cooling of the offices and provide a soft area for lunch and tea breaks. The size of the machinery required a tall workshop with overhead cranes. 12m high tilt up reinforced concrete columns were designed and built as the structural frame. Service pits enable access to the underside of the vehicles. Heavy moving loads and tracked vehicles had to be accommodated. This needed careful design of the layer works and floor slab to achieve an efficient and durable solution.

A planted courtyard aids natural cooling of the offices and provides a soft area for lunch and tea breaks

The Plant workshop is a smaller version of the Main workshop, and serves the processing activities. Both presented engineering challenges in having to accommodate the dynamic loads imposed by the overhead cranes.

Deep eaves, large screened openings with canopies to prevent water ingress and ridge ventilators all serve to keep the internal working areas cool and well lit.

Emulsion Store, Tyre Store and Main Store for a large mine

  • Location: Sierra Leone

Large span tall buildings with cast in-situ reinforced concrete columns with masonry infill panels; large high level openings for light and ventilation, shade canopies on the gable ends and deep eaves are the elements which define these buildings. Some of them have administration offices appended.

In the Emulsion Store it was critical that the material in store was kept completely dry, which necessitated careful detailing of the light and ventilation openings.

The Main Store handles receiving and dispatching of the ordnance which is accommodated by raised loading bays.

It was critical that the material in store was kept completely dry

The rhythm of the structural bays with the recessed masonry infill panels give these working buildings a rational and dignified presence.

Team:  Collis/ Walton/ Henry Fagan & Partners/ Du Plessis (K&T)/ Van Gysen/ McGivern/ De Bruyn/ Irvine/ Mc Donald