Mine Housing

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A housing village for mining management.

  • Location: Sierra Leone

Sited on a hill overlooking the mining operations Collis & Associates designed a number of house types to accommodate the various levels of management to create a village close to the clubhouse which provides entertainment, dining facilities and a gym.


The brief included the site planning, arranging the houses on contours with service roads running on the contour to the main road. The houses were carefully sited to maximize the views and orientation for passive cooling and privacy but still maintain a sense of a village. This will hopefully contribute the use of the houses by others when the mine ceases operations.

One of the fundamentals of sustainable design is to reduce the buildings footprint. To this end the houses are compact, which is offset by having large windows opening onto shaded stoeps.

Careful design and detailing of the roofs (deep eaves/hipped roofs/ridge ventilators), windows and doors achieve efficient natural ventilation. Due to the continuous operation of the mine, the houses have to accommodate people sleeping at all hours of the day. The combination of internal shutters, glazing, mesh screens and opening windows provide sufficient variability to control light and ventilation at all hours as well as protection from disease carrying tropical insects.

Team: Collis/ Walton/ Irvine/ Curtis/ McDonald/ De Bruyn