Mine Workers Facilities


A range of facilities to service a mining work force

  • Location: Sierra Leone

A building complex consisting of a Dining Room, Kitchen and store rooms, Wash rooms, Locker rooms and a Laundry accommodate the activities needed to service the work force which comes to the mine daily from the village nearby. The nearby Safety and Health Education building provides a venue for education, training and meetings. Courtyards between the buildings provide a shaded centre surrounded walkways protected by the deep roof eaves of the surrounding buildings.

The gaps between the buildings give space for stairs as the buildings step up the slope away from the access road which serves the parking a delivery to the Kitchens.

A small span structural grid with recessed infill panels of a combination of masonry or mesh screens give the buildings a dignified human scale appropriate for the people who use them daily.

Thorough evaluation of the work flow around the Laundry and of the workers as they arrive, eat, wash and collect their clothing and equipment informed the planning and relationships between the buildings and contributed to efficient functioning. Establishing the common language of the buildings at the mine, these buildings have deep roof eaves with ventilated ridges, mesh screened openings for a comfortable internal environment.