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A House for a Sculptor, Nestled Amongst the Fynbos

  • Location: Yserfontein, South Africa
  • Status: Complete

Yserfontein is situated on the West Coast, an hour’s drive north of the Cape Town metropole. The site is located in Pearl Bay, a pristine coastline south of Yserfontein. It overlooks Dassen Eiland and the icy water of Bather’s Cove to the south and a greenbelt to the north and west. Our client, an avid sculptor and homeopath, nurtures and works the ground. A series of mappings exploring our client and the specific locale generated the proposal; a sustainable working village that expands to absorb guests and family and contracts to protect its occupant. The village of buildings knit together through a series of protected courtyards.

The buildings catch the cooling summer ocean breeze, disperse the southerly wind and nestle their backs to the cold winter northwest winds.


The aesthetic recalls West Coast vernacular; the short rotund kalkoond (lime kiln) with its thick walls and mussel shells, the rudimentary thatch-roofed langhuis (long house), melkbos windscreens and peach pips. In this windswept West Coast environment the proposal both hunkers down to flex protective muscles and opens up to contemplate the surrounding wonders – and smell the bokkoms and snoek

  • Team: Collis/ Irvine / Curtis / O Neil-Williams