House King






Alteration & upgrade of a badly renovated 1940’s house

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Status: Completed

Engineering and full architectural services were provided by Vernon Collis and Associates (with Tony Kiley Architect and built by Agmac Construction) for the alteration and upgrade of a badly renovated 1940’s house in Camps Bay.

The brief was for a timeless and robust environment for his living and entertaining requirements. The existing house was oriented due west, had a restricted link between the inside and outside living, was exposed to the south east winds and to the street activity with little privacy. The house was also lacking in personality.

The concept was to develop layers of space from public to private

To provide privacy and shelter the concept was to develop layers of space from public to private with stoeps and balconies which also connect the inside and outside living spaces. Referencing the work of Lutyens, the house now has a strong masculine presence through interplay of masses. The new tiled hipped roof continues the stronger aesthetic identity and provides shelter and protection.

Working with a tight budget required inventiveness to achieve the desired level of finish. Much of the material from the original house was carefully stripped, re-shaped and re-used. The details reflect the overall spatial themes – heavy doors, dark wood, oversized beams and massive structure.

Team: Collis/ Kiley/ Pinnock