We have completed over 450 local & international projects over the last 20+ year period, from low cost & up-market housing to industrial, mining & commercial developments.

Vernon Collis is the director of Collis & Associates. He is an Engineer and an Architect specializing in integrated and sustainable systems design for the built environment. His design process includes the assessment of the holistic impact on any built intervention from the environmental and carbon footprint to systems that include the unemployed and unskilled using appropriate and intermediate resource efficient technologies. He also brings an inter-disciplinary perspective where the rational and aesthetic of the engineer scientist and architect are uniquely integrated resulting in more efficient and attractive structures.

His main philosophy is to reduce the impact and resource demand of any built intervention from the construction through to the commission and eventual deconstruction or reuse phase. The assessment includes the recycling of the material, water and energy systems within the entire life cycle assessment of the intervention thus increasing the resilience of the development to the possible risks of climate change and resource depletion.

His consultancy started in 1992 as Vernon Collis & Associates which has evolved into Collis & Associates CC. More than 450 local and international projects have been completed in the 20+ year period from low cost and up-market housing to industrial, mining and commercial developments. He has developed an integrated and evolving approach to complex developments that can be applied across scales from the assessment from an island to an innovative economic housing scheme.

He is also an honorary research academic at the University of Cape Town, Department of Civil Engineering where he co-supervises post-graduate research in sustainable construction materials. He is a Fellow of the South African Academy of Engineers.