What we do differently:

  • We intergrate engineering & architectural design at concept
  • We apply complex adaptive systems thinking rather than conventional linear systems
  • We continually research and develop better and more appropriate solutions
  • We can design and build bespoke components and production processess

We are an independent multi-disciplinary design consultancy specializing in the built environment with core training in architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering and construction all under the umbrella of sustainable systems design.

With our knowledge and experience we are able to offer an integrated development service including site planning, surveying, geotechnical/concrete/timber/mechanical engineering, as well as landscape disciplines including permaculture, with support from our network of specialist associates (see below for more information) including civil and building contractors who have specialized in sustainability construction methods. This process means that clients can liaise with us as principal consultants in a process where the many disciplines required for buildings are integrated seamlessly.

Our design approach integrates sustainable systems for the built environment. We assess the holistic impact on any built intervention from the environmental and carbon footprint to systems that include the unemployed and unskilled using appropriate and intermediate technologies.

Transformations are brought about by raising awareness by introducing value in recycling and renewable energies and most importantly resource efficient sustainable design and construction. Resource efficient design and construction process design is a speciality.