Up and Coming CPD Courses

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We will be offering a range of CPD course focusing on materials and their integration into sustainable design in the coming months. These courses will provide context to the formation, exploitation and production of various construction materials such as timber, sands, stone, clay bricks and metals. The objective being to enable the designer to develop and fully integrate a critical […]

Why is South Africa not growing more Indiginous Timber Plantations?

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Answer to question raised after Natal Timber Course: Question: “Why is South Africa not growing more indigenous trees for commercial purposes?” I consulted Dr Iain Thompson (Eucalyptus Genetist in KZN) and his comments included: Using indigenous trees is definitely not the best option. It comes down to land use efficiency and sustainability. South Africa is […]

Timber Workshop Notes

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Thank you to all those who attended the Timber Workshop in Durban and the two timber Workshops in Cape Town (which included the engineers and contractors) I have uploaded the relevant section of the SALMA manual Introducing Timber1.1 as discussed. This covers the second technical aspect of the workshop. Permission to share this excellent document […]

Integrating Sustainability into Design (Part One)

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We are offering this exciting course focusing on the integration of sustainability into design. The course is split into two 3-hour parts, each  carrying 0.5 CPD points. The format will be a small group participation workshop, presented by Vernon Collis (Engineer-Architect). Various theories, products and opinions around sustainability can be overwhelming for the architect/designer. This short course aims to synthesize, distil and […]